Can A Village/Slum Kid Be A Star?

Education and specially education for children will lead to a better world. Kids need to understand ethics, empathy, basic rights and freedoms, compassion, responsibility by letting them discover their creativity and encourage them to find what they like and are good at so they can be productive members of our society. Through education we can change oneself, the society and whole world.
To improve the status for the poor and voiceless people Touching Souls International, a nonprofit organization, runs 2 schools for the kids in poor urban areas around Halishahar, Chittagong and in village Banail, Kishoregonj, Bangladesh. In these 2 schools of Touching Souls International, it teaches the full, standard curriculum to children who might not otherwise see the inside of a classroom, with impressive results. Equally important, the schools build an “end-to-end” environment that supports learning, offering lunch every day, health-care and family support.

Village Kids of School of Touching Souls International
Village Kids of School of Touching Souls International
In 2004 in village Banail, Kishoregonj, Touching Souls International, a nonprofit organization started their school up to Junior high school level, which from 2009 upgraded up to high school level. The students of this school are the local farmer’s kids. For most of them having high school education was beyond their dream. Helping their parents in the field work was more important to them. After constant education to both parents and kids about the benefit of higher education, in each year 225 students are getting high school education from this school. They are getting selected for many inter district school competition for their performance in academic , debate and sports.

In 2006, Nurture started a school with 130 children, most of whom live in the nearby slums in Halishahar, Chittagog, Bangladesh. Sometimes they might be taught by a handicapped man on a wheelchair, Mr. Shyamol Chakma. But the children don’t bother about who teaches them, as long as they can come to school. Their smiles broaden when the music class begins. The children sing rhythmically to “Amra shishu, amadero achhe odhikar”meaning, “We are kids and we do have our rights”. Their voices bring life into Nurture, where the paralyzed patients gets their free rehabilitation. Their voices raise the hopes of their teachers.

The parents of these children cannot afford to send them to proper schools, since they earn a small amount of money, most of which is spent on food. Nurture and Touching Souls International has made their dreams of going to school come true by providing them free education, besides stationery and books, which are also complimentary.

Goal of Touching Souls International, is to provide better education for the village and slum kids. By giving the same opportunity these village and slum kids could be a star. These students can perform just as well as other students who come from the higher classes in society.


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