The New World of Akram

It is a new day for Akram, a resident of Bara Chowna Bazar, P.S. Shakhipur, Tangail, Bangladesh . He had never expected this day to arrive in his life. He is the same  man whom Touching Souls International met a year back in 2010. Akram  had lost every single hope to get his vision back. Cataract is not an incurable disease. Proper treatments can cure a person infected with cataract completely. What prevented him from having a surgery was his status in life. He did not have enough money required for a cataract surgery. Infact, the monetary issue is what matters in the life of an individual who is poor. Touching Souls International have always been there for such people giving them the necessary funds for their operation.

Akram got his free cataract surgeryIn Bangladesh, there are many like Akram  who look for a support to have a better life. Imagine the world around you closing your eyes for a few minutes. It would seem like a dark land. What would be the world for those who have lost their vision? They lose their hope to live and restrict themselves in some corner of their homes.  Akram was first examined and then considering his case as an acute one, he was sent to Bangladesh National Blind Society hospital to have a cataract surgery. His lens implant was also done there free of cost. Giving the money for such a cause was successful.

The day was 5th of July, 2011. Every member of his family was called in the hospital that day. He had made a wish to see his mother first when he gets his vision back. That moment was memorable. Both the son and the mother were in tears. Their happiness knew no ends. After 7 years of a dark life, Akram  was finally able to see.  It was a complete new world to him. He could now leave the corner of his room  and match steps with his friends in the football ground.

Wish you a successful life ahead, Akram.

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